“What? You tell me clearly.” Xu Zelei couldn’t 3m washable face mask even ask why they were going out together, and quickly asked Zhang Siyuan to explain what he had just said. As soon as he swears, Zhang Siyuan said that he would definitely why do they have to wear face masks in korea hit a bachelor all his life, and he would definitely not accept it. Zhang Siyuan said with a 3m mask with filter smile and said, “Since Uncle Chen is here, there is nothing for us. Primary eleven, remember what I said, don’t do things that make you regret it. Who knew that Xu Zelei had been biting and not letting up, and had to punish Zhang Siyuan severely. Zhang Siyuan who is engaged in this situation can’t get up or down, it’s extremely embarrassing. In the end, Zhang Siyuan’s helpless Xu Zelei said, “Then internal reporting, withholding one month’s salary, so that’s all right? Don’t you don’t agree, this matter is so decided, I have the final say. “Are you sick? How do we care about you? If you are unhappy, you just go straight. He didn’t talk. You are his son who is doing this for him.” Shouted. Luo Zeping also watched when Xu Zelei was talking. When he came to Zhang Siyuan, he also said, “Mr. Zhang, this Xu came to apply for the position of technical director. Today, as usual, he came to the Nasdaq trading floor. After the opening, he found that the entire market was not different from the previous few days. When he was about to leave the trading floor to go out and relax, he was stopped by his companion. It turned out that the stock price of the company from China where the heavy warehouse was located fluctuated. Thinking that a surprise had come, he immediately returned to his original position. “Well, this.” The security manager’s eyes turned to Zhang pj masks face paint ideas Siyuan’s eyes a little. Grand Cherokee soon drove downstairs to Times Technology. After just what happened, Zhang Siyuan’s anger was also a little less. Ma Shoude went to park, and Zhang Siyuan and Gao Changjiang came to Zhang Siyuan’s office. Because the people below have been talking about the area of ​​Luohe River, Zhang Siyuan and Chen Ziming did not tear their faces. Zhang Siyuan was unwilling to be the one who took the initiative to tear his face, so he was kind to Chen Ziyi. Chen Shiyi walked out very well. He knew that Grandpa had to discuss with his father how to handle this matter. Here, his right to speak is the slightest, after all, he makes no contribution to the family. “Why? You can start a company just because you are so young? There are dozens of people in your company? A general manager who has n’t even studied? A director different n95 masks who manages two departments? A one-man department? One clerk? The personnel department? “Zhang Junkui asked politely. I have you all in a bottle of dreams. When Zhou disposable mask wholesale Fanyun heard the words, he just stayed, he did not expect that there would be his affairs in it. When he joined Time Real Estate, Zhang Siyuan did give him a 5% stake, but he didn’t take it seriously. This time I talked about cooperation with Li Chaoren, and Times Land invested 2 billion. Of course, as the president of Times Real Estate, he knew zep disinfectant wipes that the two billion were taken out by Zhang Siyuan personally. Count on him. Zhang Siyuan barely closed the door, holding a cane, holding the handrail of the staircase, and slowly climbed up to disposable mask how to wear the third floor. After washing, lie in bed and prepare to sleep. Only this night, Zhang Siyuan had rare insomnia. “Yellow River, what are you holding back? Didn’t you see that he smashed my car? Hit me.” The young man looked at his cousin’s bodyguard motionlessly, and yelled at the bodyguard directly. Of course, Zhang Siyuan could not think of what Ma Tenghua is doing now, and he was too lazy to think about it. In his mind, this era belongs to him, and Ma Tenghua is destined to be his stepping stone. His real opponents are not these people in China, because he has seized countless opportunities, and he does not need to treat these people as opponents at all. His opponents are those international giants. Zhang Siyuan does not have connections on the Xiangjiang side. The operation of this matter mainly depends on the Tian family. Otherwise, Zhang Siyuan alone can’t make any trouble. Maybe as soon as he went in, he was cleared by the Li family. After stepping out of the courtyard, Li Han said suddenly, “I really didn’t expect that such a thing would happen to the Chen family today. uneasy . ” Zhang Siyuan heard Liu Yang say this, and disposable mask for sale smoked from the cigarette case Cigarette and throw it to Liu Yang: “Fat, don’t worry, just because we are brothers, I only asked you to borrow this money. Only you will borrow so much money for me. I know that even if this money is lost, In the end, you will also hide it for me cold air dust mask and take all the responsibility. So, the money must be divided, how much, you listen to me, can you.

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